Energy Management System

Apart from Energy Sustainable development, Energy Efficiency is Widely Recognised Important in the Industrial Sector.
By Auditing and Managing the Energy Consumption Correctly, the Plant Owner Able to Understand their Plant Load Profile and Save the Energy Cost from there with a Better Operation Planning.

From the Monitoring System, the Plant Owner can also Understand the Plant Power Quality.

Biipower can provide the solution to solve the Power Quality Issue like:

  • Voltage Sags & Swell,
  • Harmonics
  • Power Factor
  • Earth Fault and etc.

which and improve the Plant Power System Stability and Mitigate the Power Interruption.

The intrinsic technical support and solution is backed by Eetap Engineering PTE LTD from Singapore, which is having more than 20 years SCADA and Automation experience in the Industries.

Advantages of Energy Management System

Correlation Analysis

Analyze the relationship and correlation between variables and values. The result will display the strength and synergies of the relationship.

Improve Reliability

Prevent failures from occurring by identifying problems before they result in failures and subsequently downtime.

Smart Monitoring

Collect and display field data, perform calculations, and share information with other management systems via open database SQL server or web-server GUI.

Load Profile Monitoring

Understand the load flow of your facility and its electrical system operation by tracking and metering the load profile.

Benchmark Analysis

Compare the present performance against historical records to identity necessaries settings and parameters in order to achieve the best system performance.

Reduce OPEX

Through the deployment of a centralized SCADA system you can significantly reduce operating and maintenance costs; fewer personnel are required to monitor field equipment in remote locations, resulting in increased operator effectiveness; and less maintenance trips are required, resulting in decreased maintenance and training costs.

Facility Management to Improve Power Usage Effectiveness

Electrical, Fire Fighting, Chiller System, gas monitoring, as well as solar generation and etc., can be integrated either in a new Scada system or plant owner existing Scada interface, to provide a comprehensive of the plant consumption and load profile.

The smart Scada system assists the user in detecting potential failure but also enables to diagnose and analyze the potential issue in order to increase the overall system reliability and efficiency, as well as cost & energy saving by manipulating the power system algorithm.

A one stop solution to provide the users with alarm notification whenever this is fault or breakdown, but also allow the user to customize the report with any selected important info.