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The Advantages of Solar on Commercial Buildings

Making the decision to install a solar system for industrial buildings or considering switching to solar on commercial buildings isn’t something that can be done in just a day– and more importantly, it shouldn’t be done without a thorough evaluation of the potential benefits of using solar panels.

The concept of “solar panels for businesses” might seem confusing at first, but today’s growing trend of solar panels for commercial businesses are making the path towards investing in a commercial solar energy system even easier.

In this article, we’ll list out a few reasons why you should be consider investing in a solar panel system for your commercial or industrial buildings, and some of the benefits that your business can gain from it.


Why is Malaysia a great country for installing solar panel systems on commercial buildings?

Solar energy is provided by the sun – and it’s fair to say that Malaysia enjoys some of the most consistent sunny days on earth!

In fact, Malaysia’s sunny climate can boast some of the highest solar returns globally. Add to the fact that there is only one season in Malaysia – hot and sunny, except for a few weeks of monsoon seasons

However, at present, only 2% of Malaysia’s electricity is produced by renewable energy sources as the country’s energy production is still dependent on limited fossil fuel resources such as oil, coal or natural gas.


Why should businesses install solar panel systems?

Here’s the number 1 reason why the vast majority of businesses in Malaysia would benefit from investing in a solar panel system: tariff rate differences.

Did you know that while the Domestic Tariff rate starts at 21.80 sen/kWH, the most common commercial tariff rate starts at 43.5 sen/kWh? That’s effectively double the price of your household electricity charge, and that doesn’t even count the significant increase in tariff rates after reaching a certain kWh usage monthly!

In fact, with the correct feed-in-tariff (FIT) programme in place with TNB, commercial or industrial businesses can even effectively sell electricity back for commercial return!


What are the other benefits of a solar system for commercial buildings?


a) Solar power is renewable energy that’s free – forever

Business owners who think about switching their commercial buildings to solar power should know that solar panel systems are an investment and not an expense.

That’s because solar power is ultimately free – it will automatically generate a return on your initial investment that can often exceed most other investments into your business in terms of percentage over many years to come.


b) Solar panels in commercial buildings help improve your brand with a greener image

While commercial solar panels help in obtaining energy efficiency, one of the great things that they also offer include marketing a company’s commitment to clean energy. Aside from endorsing solar panels as a branding exercise, your business should also be able to send a positive message about your commitment to sustainability and love for the environment.

You will be making a great impression every time your employees, customers, neighbours, and even guests know that you’re also into green movement. It can send a strong message that your business is serious about protecting and positively affect how your potential customers view your business.


c) Solar panels are highly reliable while still requiring low maintenance

As a business owner, you won’t have to worry about any excessive maintenance requirements as the installation of commercial solar panels are relatively simple, and the maintenance-free and noiseless nature of solar panels ensure it’s a smooth journey from the start.

In fact, most solar cells are encased in tempered, protective glass, and framed by non-corrosive aluminium to be able to withstand rain, dust, wind, and high heat.


Next Energy provides winning technical expertise for solar panel installation

With our extensive years of expertise in both commercial and large scale solar programmes, Next Energy is a trusted authority in solar panel installations and is Malaysia’s preferred installer for those looking for a solar system for industrial buildings.

Drop us a message if you would like a consultation on how to install your solar panels and how to receive benefits in terms of warranties, permits or even apply for tax incentives for solar on commercial buildings.

28 Nov 2023